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Only Homemade Costumes In Our House!

I remember me, my little brother and my Mom going through the old cedar chest to find just the right items to pull together amazing homemade costumes for trick or treating in the neighborhood. 

No store bought costumes for us!

We used our imaginations and pulled together some really cool looks.  Not only did we create custom outfits for trick or treating, we created costumes for school plays, Halloween parties, and just for playing dress up.

Heck!  We were everything from Pocahontas to the Wizard of Oz, a Kosair Shriner to a 1960’s flower child.  These awesome costumes were all created with items from around the house and our own imaginations.

Old high heeled shoes, sparkling costume jewelry, “out of fashion” clothes and accessories hidden in the cedar chest or top of the closets were all we needed to get a great costume going.

Add a bit of mom’s makeup and we were the Wicked Witch, a cowboy or a rock star!

Our Hidden Entertainer

Homemade costumes allow us to explore the part of ourselves that let's us tap into our hidden actor!

The thrill of acting like a new character that isn’t anything like us allows us to express some hidden aspect of our personalities. 

We get to go for our own Oscar, whether moaning and groaning while dragging a lame foot covered in fake blood as some sort of ghoulish creature or sparkling under a rhinestone crusted tiara in our gold lame party gown as a member of royalty.

The challenge is on to create a unique costume that no one else has quite done!

There’s a lot of fun and challenge in creating homemade costumes.  There’s dreaming up the character to portray.  There’s the treasure hunt, seeking out of just the right articles of clothing, props and make up to pull the dream together.  The assembly of all those great finds.  Then, of course, the final reveal!

We all get a kick out of competing with our friends for the best costume, the scariest, the most unusual, the most original and even the most outrageous.

This site is designed to help you step up to the challenge, to be a give and take between all of us who love a great costume idea. 

  • A place where you can show off your truly one of kind creations
  • A place where you can find great tips on how to apply make up
  • A place where you can learn how to create various accessories and props
  • A place where you can find the tricks to assemble a complicated outfit
  • A place where you can laugh out loud or grimace as you peruse all the various costumes that our guests post to the site
  • A place where you can connect with others who love homemade costumes


Find fabulous homemade costume ideas and share your own amazing ideas!

This is what CostumeConnectz brings to you.  A great forum for finding and sharing!

We’re quite sure there are pictures tucked away in a photo album, a drawer, on a smart phone, digital camera,  or your computer of your very own costume creation.  This is a great opportunity to share your creativity, your incredible costume ideas.


So let’s get started….. share with everyone your creations by simply filling in the form below and uploading pictures.  Tell us how you came up with your idea, how you pulled it together, and then stun us all with the big reveal!

And the bonus you get for sharing, besides showing off?  

Your submission will automatically enter you into our Homemade Costume Contest!  That's right! You're creative genius could actually pay you back in cash prizes!  So be sure to give us a great descriptive story and pictures with your submission.


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